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Stonetex Rapid Dry Sealer

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Stonetex Rapid Dry Sealer is a solvent based impregnator that quickly penetrates into the surface of the stone and provides a powerful anti-stain barrier.

This product will save you time and money via its unique fast formula that can be applied immediately to new,damp stone & grout installation.

The rapid dry sealer is very popular with the trade as an external paving sealer as it is quick and easy to use with both oil and water based stain resistance.


*Apply a generous even coat ot Rapid Dry Stone Sealer to the surface and edges otf the stone using a solvent resistan sprayer, lint free cloth or brush. Ensure even distribution by wiping over several times.

*Apply second coat , allowing 30-45 minutes drying between coats, repeat the process and remoce excess sealer from the applied area with a dry lint free cloth. It will take up to 24 hours before the product will offer full protection.


5L: 10-15 M2/LITRE

1L: 10-15 M2/LITRE

Coverage will vary depending on surface porosity

Expected wear: Up to 20 Years

Varies depending on the type of surface,wear and correct maintenance

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